Geoffrey M. Dominy


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Verse One

I do not care about the colour of your skin,
I do not care about your faith or your religion,
I do not care about the language that you speak,
The people around you or who guide your heart,
We will not tolerate any kind of aggression,
We will not tolerate another man’s oppression,
We will not tolerate sexist abuses,
No means no, No means no, No means no, NO


I want to live in a free world,
Where love and respect,
Work together, hand in hand.

Verse Two

We have to be fighting all together and love the same side,
We should love each other, not attack each other,
There, freedom prevails, we must create a safe society,
Where we live in peace and harmony,
Where everybody has a voice and is free of agony,
Unreflected love would not exist,
No means no, No means no, No means no, NO


We must love our life,
demolish this false ideology,
break the chains that afflict us,
manipulate us and limit us.

Words and Music: Sara Mingolla & Geoff Dominy